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Angry Woman Poison 1 year-old Son!

Angry Woman Poison 1 year-old Son!

A Glen View woman appeared in court on Tuesday facing attempted murder charges after she reportedly poisoned her one-year-old son after an argument over infidelity with her husband.

The suspect, Gamuchirayi Pawandiwa, 25, was not asked to plead when she appeared before Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga.

She was remanded in custody and was referred to the High Court for bail consideration because she is facing a third scheduled offence.

The first complainant is Francis Pawandiwa, 33, and the second complainant is the couple’s child Tadiwa.

The statement alleged that on November 20, Gamuchirayi asked her husband for airtime and he refused, leading to an argument and during the argument she began to accuse her husband of having an affair and from that day their relationship became sour.

Gamuchirayi reportedly started threatening to commit suicide and to kill their child and on November 26 she reportedly then acted on her threats and took poison which she also gave to her child.

Mathew Nyoka, a relative of Pawandiwa who was at the couple’s home smelt the pesticide coming from the bedroom and went to investigate only to find that she had blocked the door with the fridge.

Nyoka alerted other relatives and they pushed the door to gain entry to where Pawandiwa was with her child and they were taken to the hospital.

The couple then went on separation but Gamuchirayi took custody of their child and when her husband came to see their child she became violent and assaulted him and bit him on his neck twice.

Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State.


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