A Harare City Town Planner stands accused of trying to evict his wife from their Tynwald house.


Spiwe Munyereyi, 56, residing at No. 14502 Madokero, is challenging her eviction from the property by Samuel Nyabeze who is allegedly sending his children from other marriages Lennon and Joyline Nyabeze.When Samuel Nyabeze paid Spiwe’s bride price in 2000, he had lied to her that he was a widower but on realising he was married they have been having an on and off affair where they were blessed with one child.

This is Spiwe’s second marriage as her first husband died in a car accident in 1992.

Nyabeze is employed by the Harare City Council as a town planner stationed at Cleveland House.

“I have lived a life of abuse with Nyabeze; sxual and physical, or even emotional. He is so much in love with sx with several women without looking at the repercussions.

“Now he is using these children, Lennon and Joyline, to evict me from the house that I built with him. I took them and loved them as my own flesh and blood when their mothers had messy affairs with Samuel.

“I even took care of Lennon’s younger brother, Munyaradzi, when their mother died in 2003. This all happened when I was breastfeeding my child Shingi. Samuel has been involved in multiple affairs and now he is using these kids to get to me,” said Spiwe.

While married to Spiwe, Nyabeze secretly tied the knot with one Rosa Mazorodze in 2010, but their marriage bliss only lasted for four months.

Currently, Nyabeze is said to be seldom coming home as he is believed to be staying with a girlfriend, only identified as Cynthia.


Spiwe said Samuel changed ownership of the house they built together to Lennon and Spiwe’s names and advised them to seek an eviction order as an act of revenge over a protection order granted in her favour last year.

“He went behind my back to do all these things. The irony is he never thought of putting the name of the child we had together, Shingi. I do not know what wrong I have committed. Samuel once got sick such that his relatives thought he was going to die, but I was on his side.

“I washed his nappies and did everything for him, yet this is how I am being treated. He is no longer coming home as he is staying with her girlfriend named Cynthia,” added Spiwe.

The 56-year-old accused Cynthia of influencing Samuel to take Shingi away from her.

“I have not seen Shingi in a long time because each time he comes from school, I am not allowed to see him. Samuel told me if I continue demanding to see Shingi, he will stop sending him to school.

“Cynthia and Samuel are members of the United Methodist Church in Glen View, but sadly many people know that the two are not husband and wife,” she emphasised.

Spiwe said their marriage has been on the rocks for a long time because of her husband’s infidelity.

When H-Metro contacted Nyabeze, he said he was aware of what is going on between him and Spiwe before becoming evasive.

“I know about what you are saying. What she told you is not what is happening,” he said, before changing tune.

“If it is about the eviction order, I am not commenting. At the same time, I am not at not at liberty to tell you what is going on in my life. Why do you want to know what is happening in my marriage?” he asked.



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