Angry Small House Narrates S_ex Escapades To Lovers Daughter After Being Dumped

In a bid to win back her married lover after being dumped, a Bulawayo woman dragged her lover’s daughter into the fight, narrating to her of her father’s adulterous affair in a plan to break off her ex-boyfriend’s marriage.

Angry Small House Narrates S_ex Escapades To Lovers Daughter After Being Dumped
Elvis Chengeta & Phyllis Dube

After being dumped by her married boyfriend of 4-years, Elvis Chengeta, the bitter mistress, Phyllis Dube did not take the matter lightly. Undeterred to win back her lover Dube exposed their affair to Elvis’s wife, Clara Chengeta after she told his daughter about the affair.

Chengeta’s daughter confessed to her mother, of her father’s promiscuity after she was told of the horrid details of her father’s s_exual escapades and s_ex positions by his mistress.

Dube was angered after her plan to wreck Chengeta’s marriage was unfruitful. Dube decided to go to the extremes and started going to the man’s workplace and home verbally assaulting the couple.

The couple then filed for a protection order against Dube. In the application, Elvis admitted that Dube was his ex-mistress who he had broken up with.

”Dube is my ex-girlfriend. She is now harassing me by coming to my workplace to insult me in public. She also came to my home in the company of a gang of seven people. They caused havoc at my place and she can be banned from coming to my home or work.”

Clara confirmed the story stating that Dube was in the habit of insulting her and phoning her daughter.

” When their relationship had problems, she looked for my daughter’s phone number and contacted her. She was pushing her agenda to make sure the girl told me about her father’s illicit affair so she also told her about their sex life and positions,” said Clara.

In response, Dube stated that she was provoked to act that way because she was still bitter because Elvis had wasted her four years.

Presiding magistrate Shepherd Mjanja granted the protection order for Elvis Chengeta and peace order for Clara Chengeta, banning Dube from being in contact with the family.



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