ANDY Muridzo’s handlers say the crooner deserves another chance to repent as he goes full throttle in his rebranding exercise.


The Jeetaz Band leader, who is set to launch his fourth album titled Munondo at Club 1+1 this Friday, is also desperate to win back the faith of his fans.

The pint-sized crooner also regrets the bad boy tag which has been trailing him like a shadow in the past few years.

He insists that all the mistakes haunting him made him realise that controversy doesn’t pay.

Speaking through his manager Gift Petro, his camp says Andy Muridzo has finally seen the light after moments of madness.

“As management, we sat down with him and he outlined his vision as he will be launching his fourth album on Friday,” said the manager.

“We also outlined our vision as management for him and his brand and the youngster now shares the same vision with us.

“With four albums to his name and family to fend for, he now wants to shun the ‘bad boy’ tag which has done more harm than good to him.

“At the moment, we are working on brand visibility and we hope he will cooperate to save his career.”

Petro has also appealed to various stakeholders to embrace the singer who still remains committed to scale to greater heights.

“We told him openly that he had done something wrong especially his off stage antics and it was now time to repent and move forward.

“We are very much aware that there are some people that we have wrong but we now appeal to them to give him a second chance.

“Andy is our boy and we can’t write him off due to the bad boy tag he has been carrying.

“Of course he has been involved with women, his problems with booze and the MTM marriage, which has been resolved.

“He has returned to his old beat which made him popular and we hope fans will accept him as he is.

“With age on his side and of course the talent he has, we will do the best we can to ensure that we help him repent and ensure he realises his potential.

“What we have told him is that we no longer want a recurrence of the same problems, which affected him before as we rebranding.”

As part of his rebranding mission, Andy Muridzo’s handlers say Friday will be the defining moment.

“Like I said earlier, we are not only launching the album but rebranding as well.

“As for the album recorded at Bazooka Studios in the capital, it carries 15 tracks.

“These include the title track Munondo, Madhuve, Mamimo, Mudzepete, Gweja, Petunia, Tiri Veumambo featuring Sam Dondo, Maidei, Kuya Mweya, Chigure, Tsivo, Njerekunje, My Know, Huya Mwena, Zviera Era among others.

“We have also invited fellow artistes to come and support us at the album launch at Club 1+ 1 this Friday.

“These include Gary Tight, Progress Chipfumo, Mbeu, Carlos Green, Faith Candy, Mangwenya, Baba Harare, Agga Nyabinde, Trevor DongoSenator and Kinna.

“It’s really a big event for us as we have also invited fellow artistes from other genres as we seek to cement our relations with others.

“The choice of the venue should not be taken lightly as it is also associated with prestige.

“As it stands, we are now taking our business seriously as we want to reach out to everyone.

“We are also going to embark on a promotional tour of this CDs with the help of our marketing team to ensure we reach out to all Zimbabweans who wants him music.”

With many of his fans and various stakeholders still being skeptical about Andy Muridzo, his handlers has assured them their house is now in order.

“Whenever you are rebranding, there are those who will always remain skeptical as they expect us to see instant results.

“As we move forward, you will realise that Andy is now handing his business in a professional manner.

“We have put in place proper structures to ensure that we handle our business manner.

“As for Andy, he has been receiving some grooming lessons and you will see a change.

“This change ranges from punctuality, how he handles himself off and on the stage to his communication channels whenever he want to address something.

“We will not allow a situation where he will be caught offside making reckless statements, which have brought more harm than good to his brand.

“He is still young and deserves another change.

“In life, we all err but what is important is to move on when caught offside and not repeat the same offences.

“In short, this is the Andy Muridzo we are now creating and also hope he will put into practice all that we agreed upon as management.”