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Andy Muridzo Turns 28 – “I regret it”

Muridzo fails to pay for 'Munondo' Studio sessions

This was the piece of advice the love rat singer gave to upcoming and fellow artistes who have just tasted fame in his birthday message.

He turned 28 yesterday. Andy Muridzo says he regrets failing to realise he was a brand on his own when his career blossomed.

And being one of the creative music gems to emerge in recent years, Andy said he has also learnt from his mistakes. “I wouldn’t want to say I have regrets as such but there are mistakes that I don’t want fellow or upcoming artistes to make.

“For instance, I failed to realise that I was a brand on my own at one stage in my career. “I later realised that I can stand on my own but I am not regretting at all.

“In life we all make poor judgments and mistakes and what is important is to be able to move on afterwards. “This is the piece of advice I can give my peers as I grow older,” he said.

Andy, whose marital woes almost blighted his success said he deserved his privacy as he grow older.

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“I am growing older and now I don’t want my social life, especially love life to be on the public domain. “I know what I have done in the past and don’t what to keep on being reminded of the past.

“I’m growing older and that alone means a lot to me. “There are things I did when I was young and now I am expected to behave like a mature person,” he said.

Asked how he was celebrating his birthday, Andy said he would depart from the norm.

“Over the years, I used to hold public shows where people would come and celebrate with me which is now impossible with the Covid-19 pandemic. “I will celebrate it at home with my peers and family which is important. “I will also take that time to make a self-introspection and correct my mistakes.

“This birthday is a bit special in that it comes at a time when we are indoors and I have time to really plan and decide what I want in life,” he said. Musically, the Jeetaz Band is set to release a birthday song for his fans. “I would have loved to release the song today (yesterday) but I have postponed it to next week Friday.

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“It’s a love song called Carolina that I hope my fans will enjoy. “I’m also in the studio working on new stuff but I really miss my fans who could have helped me to celebrate my birthday as we used to over the years,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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