Andy Muridzo denies skin bleaching accusations

Andy Muridzo denies skin bleaching accusations.

Musician Andy Muridzo insists he does not apply skin lightening creams but simply leads a better lifestyle. Muridzo was grilled on social media early this week on Plot Mhako’s programme with many convinced he was bleaching his skin.

Andy MuridzoSpeaking to H-Metro, the 27-year-old said he was only leading a better life. “I think as an artist and public figure life changes, so if you are living a good life and have finance which gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want, people tend to hate you and try to bring negative things,” said Muridzo.

Muridzo said would pay a blind eye on the issue since he knows he does not bleach. “I am going to pay a blind eye, and nothing changed on me, it’s just a good living which changes.“Now I’m putting my focus on my album which is to be released in August, they will always talk but it does not change a thing,” he added.

Muridzo fails to pay for 'Munondo' Studio sessionsDherira hitmaker, Andy Muridzo denies skin bleaching claims. Muridzo says he is not bleaching his skin like the rumour mill has it and insists its a result of a better lifestyle and being able to afford better cosmetics products well suited for his skin. Is skin bleaching in danger of becoming a trend among men?


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