ANC Says “Marikana Should Never Have Happened.”


ANC Says “Marikana Should Never Have Happened.”

The African National Congress (ANC) has issued a statement calling the Marikana massacre a tragedy that should never have happened.

Government is faced with a new report that police who killed the 34 striking miners were taking vengeance for two of their comrades killed two days earlier.

The ANC’s head of Presidency, Zizi Kodwa, says that government must urgently implement the recommendations of the Farlam Commission.

“As the nation remembers the tragedy of Marikana that came to pass six years ago, the ANC reaffirms its long-held view that this was a sad and unfortunate chapter in the life of our nation that should have never happened. There is no doubt about our commitment in ensuring that never again should such a tragedy befall our nation, and no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that measures are in place to achieve this,” the ANC statement reads.

The party has also called on mining companies to move with speed in implementing their commitment to improving the socio-economic conditions of mining communities.

“Our commitment to realising these policy objectives should never be found wanting. In the same vein, meaningful transformation of the mining sector must include a firm commitment to closing the wage gap between the lowest paid mine worker and management.”

Independent researcher David Bruce, working from pictures and witness statements, is unequivocal in his report for the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) on so-called scene two of the massacre that occurred away from media scrutiny.

“The SAPS members fired into the scene of the area. They were firing with the intention of shooting the strikers.”

Retired Judge Ian Farlam, who was at the ISS seminar where the report was released, says the commission found that prima facie evidence indicates that the police who fired at scene two were not doing so in self-defence and can be charged with attempted murder or assault.



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