An estimated 589 civil servants convicted of corruption

An estimated 589 civil servants convicted of corruption.

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi revealed this during the National Assembly’s question and answer session on Wednesday. Government has said more than 580 civil servants were convicted of corruption from more than 2 500 cases in the last decade.

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“The police received a total of 2 644 corruption cases involving Government employees and former employees in the last 10 years. The accused were convicted in 589 of the cases, representing 22 percent of the total figure. Cases of Criminal Abuse of Office dominated the list representing 62 percent of the total,” said Cde Ziyambi.

He said 1 644 cases of criminal abuse of office by public officers were recorded resulting in 301 convictions while 923 bribery cases were reported and 271 suspects were convicted in the process. The Minister said 56 civil servants were arrested for corruptly concealing a transaction from a Principal and 10 of them were convicted for the crime. He said 21 suspects were arrested for corruptly concealing from a Principal personal interests in transactions resulting in seven convictions.

Cde Ziyambi said President Mnangagwa’s administration was intensifying the fight against corruption. “Fighting corruption is one of the key pillars of the Second Republic and President Mnangagwa has stated that his administration’s goal is to build a new Zimbabwe based on transparency, accountability and hard work,” said Cde Ziyambi.

“Therefore, Government has already taken the initiative and established institutions to deal with corruption. This has seen the establishment of the Special Anti-Corruption Courts. In addition, the Zimbabwe Republic Police has since formed the Police Anti-Corruption Unit under the Criminal Investigations Department to deal with these cases.”

He said Government is also capacitating other judicial institutions and personnel in the fight against the corruption scourge.

“The Government is also capacitating the Zimbabwe Judicial Commission, the National Prosecution Authority, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Anti-Corruption Commission, with the requisite skills to investigate and prosecute crimes related to corruption. Similarly, Government is expediting the establishment of a Commercial Crimes Court to fast-track the prosecution of such offenders,” he said.


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