An estimated 131 youths arrested for wild parties


An estimated 131 youths arrested for wild parties.

Vuzu parties are wild affairs where school children take alcohol, experiment with substances and have unprotected group s.e.x. Police in Bulawayo during the weekend arrested about 131 teenagers who had gathered at various points in the city centre allegedly to go to Vuzu Parties or cause a general nuisance.

Vuzu Bulawayo parties

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the arrests to the Chronicle. “We arrested 131 youths in the CBD for criminal nuisance and public drinking. Some of these kids were making disruptive noise in the city and uttering obscene words and drinking alcohol in public.

“We also arrested a 28-year-old kombi driver, Nkosiphile Ndlovu, who was driving a Toyota Hiace with number plate ADZ 1987. Alert cops intercepted the vehicle which was headed towards Mahatshula suburb.

Bulawayo YouthsThe kombi had 25 youths and it was loaded with alcohol, nine packets of unused condoms, s e.x enhancing pills and mbanje,” he said
Most of the kids often gather at the Bulawayo Centre, City Hall or Haddon and Sly complex where they are taken to party venues mostly in the Eastern suburbs.

Drunk school children are often s e.xually abused by kombi crews while some girls are given drugs then groups of boys have s.e.x with them.


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