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AKA, L Tido and others gather to pay tribute to Nellie Tembe in prayer

AKA, L Tido and others gather to pay tribute to Nellie Tembe in prayer

AKA is yet to speak on the death of his fiancé, Nelli Tembe who died in the early hours of Sunday, 11th April 2021. Nelli’s death brought shock to a lot of people, most especially her family and that of AKA’s.

Taking to Instagram, L Tido shared a picture of everyone present at the family meeting.

Forbes will be returning to Durban on Tuesday, 13 April to prepare for the funeral arrangements.

Tembe family spokesperson and MC Clive Manci said Nellie and her father Moses Tembe had a good relationship.

The pair apparently had a lot in common, including their love of food.

Investigations into the death of AKA’s fiancée Anele “Nelli” Tembe are continuing as details around her death come to light.

Nelli died on Sunday at the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town after she apparently fell from the 10th floor of the hotel.

Here is what you need to know:

What happened

On Sunday morning the country woke up to the news of Nelli’s death after images of police blocking the road at the hotel circulated on social media.

Hours before the death, the couple, seen on AKA’s Insta Stories, were shopping at the Maxhosa store at the V&A Waterfront before having lunch with friends. They were then seen at Ayeyep Lifestyle club, where the rapper was performing.

Witnesses at the scene described to TshisaLIVE how they heard a scream, followed by a “loud doef” sound and then a man shouting.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst said Nelli died on the scene.

“When paramedics arrived on the scene, she had sustained polytraumatic injuries,” said Herbst.

“She was in a critical condition and they started a full life-support resuscitation. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe and she was declared deceased.”

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