AKA declares War on haters

AKA declares War on haters

AKA has just dropped a teaser for new music that he is set to release sometime soon. He cautioned the haters and his fellow competitors to get ready for war.

AKA declares War on haters

Rapper AKA has 2020 vision and is not messing around, as he’s locked and loaded with new music that he’s excited to release.

He took to his Twitter account to share snippets what is to come, with his fans. The Jika hit-maker didn’t just give us one sneak peek at new music – he posted.

He told everyone else dropping this year that they better come with their A-game as he’s bringing his best.

Seems like the rapper was flooded with queries from the fans asking when they could expect this new music. But it looks like he’s not giving too much away and told his fans to trust the process and practice patience.

It’s already been a hectic couple of months for AKA, mainly revolving around his ever-changing relationship status. But we’re glad the focus is on what matters.

Other iconic Mzansi rappers, like Emtee and A-Reece, are set to be dropping albums this year, so we’re assuming that the declaration of war was directed at the newbies.



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