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Aiva madziva ava mazambuko: Pic of an abandoned limousine


Aiva madziva ava mazambuko: Pic of an abandoned limousine.

This is a sign that things can go from hero to zero. We al shine but we just know that one day this will all be gone. Take a look at this Limousine car which used to be one of the fanciest cars a rich person can have. Most presidents use this car as their road transport.

Mugabe gets to keep presidential limo, Grace wants ALL her bodyguards’-sources reveal Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has had his travel and security expenses drastically cut but has been allowed to keep the presidential limo and a wing in State House, a newspaper reports. Mugabe, who was persuaded to resign last month after a military takeover, has been able to keep his bullet-proof black Mercedes limousine, says theFormer President Mugabe is one of the Presidents that we know who used to use such type of cars. Check the picture of the car below…




Missing form 3 student found living with boyfriend.

The accused, Tinkler Chapepa (18), appeared in court charged with having s.e.xual !ntercourse with a minor.

StudentA Form 3 pupil at Emakhandeni Secondary School in Bulawayo who had been missing for over a month pulled a shocker on her parents after they found her cohabiting with…MORE HERE.