Aggrieved vendors demand dialogue with govt over ill-treatment

Vendors have promised to besiege the offices of the Local Government minister July Moyo and councils across the country to demand an amicable way of resolving threats to forcibly remove them from the streets with the military’s help.


Vendors Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation director Samuel Wadzai told a news conference yesterday: “We will besiege his office in whatever way possible. As the affected parties, we have the solutions. What he needs to know is that not only are vendors involved, but everyone. All relevant stakeholders should have all their concerns addressed.”

Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association secretary-general Wisborne Malaya said it was unfortunate that the government is elitist as it is only listening to the five percent in formal employment without looking at the real drivers of the economy in the informal sector,” he said.

Citizens Manifesto coordinator Briggs Bomba said: “Government should be able to co-create solutions with the informal sector instead of thinking everything is uniform.

“The informal sector is made up of different people with different skills and prototype solutions are what is needed.”


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