AFM Pastor Impregnates Sister-In-Law


AFM Pastor Impregnates Sister-In-Law

An Apostolic Mission Church (AFM) Pastor is at the center of a storm after allegedly impregnating his wife’s 14-year-old sister.

New Twist To AFM Leadership Wrangle

NewsDay reports that the 30-year-old cleric (name withheld to protect minor’s identity) allegedly proposed love to the Grade Seven pupil and she accepted. After the proposal, the accused is alleged to have visited the girl at her home when her mother had traveled to South Africa.

Taking advantage of the mother’s absence the two had consensual s_ex.

In the same month, the complainant missed her menstrual period and informed the accused person who then promised to marry her after she finished writing exams.

The matter only came to light after a police officer acting on a tip-off, that the minor was pregnant, interviewed her. The girl was then escorted to Mutare Provincial Hospital where medical examinations were carried and the reports will be produced in court as an exhibit.

Appearing before magistrate Purity Gumbo, the accused was not asked to plead.

The matter is still pending.



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