AFM Pastor Impregnates Housemaid And Wife’s Relatives

An AFM pastor did a runner on his community after allegedly impregnating his housemaid and one of his wife’s relatives.

AFM Pastor Impregnates Housemaid And Wife’s Relatives

Pastor Toni Kandiye of the AFM chuch is alleged to have had extra marital affairs with his housemaid and his wife’s relative who has since moved to Gweru. Pastor Kandiye’s daughter Grace, however, confirmed her father’s shenanigans

I’m worried about my mum because people talk about Vivian, our former maid who had a relationship with dad and also my aunt in Gweru who is my father’s other mistress,” she said.

“My mother is suffering as she has to keep up appearances in church and lie on my father’s behalf. I have grown sick of it. Dad couldn’t just take off without a word and expect us to be telling tales when people ask about him,” she said.

The maid has since been fired and pastor Toni is still in the wind.