Home LOCAL NEWS AFM Pastor Attacked For 5-Year Adultery Scandal Blames The Devil

AFM Pastor Attacked For 5-Year Adultery Scandal Blames The Devil

AFM Pastor Attacked For 5-Year Adultery Scandal Blames The Devil

AFM Pastor Attacked For 5-Year Adultery Scandal Blames The Devil

Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe pastor who torched storm earlier this week after a fistfight broke out during church service following allegations that he was having an adulterous relationship with his married congregant, running for over 5 years, has dismissed the accusations saying that the devil is at work.

AFM Pastor Attacked For 5-Year Adultery Scandal Blames The Devil

In the violence that erupted on Sunday, some congregants have left nursing injuries after an angry mob stormed in during church service threatening to mete out instant justice on pastor Maizivei Padzinza for having an illicit adulterous affair with Amos Mapisa’s wife, Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa.

Speaking to the local publication, H-Metro, Pastor Maizivei Padzinza said that the ugly scenes that took place on Sunday were the works of the devil.

Pastor Maizivei told the publication that;

First and foremost I would like to apologize to church members who were tortured, beaten and disturbed from worshipping by people who accused me of dating Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa.

I never dated her although I know her as one of my church members who was facing problems in her marriage.

I conducted counseling sessions and thank God, my wife was by my side and is my witness, I didn’t realize that one day she would be used to attack the body of Christ.

She was a regular church member and had stopped coming for some weeks. I do not know how far she had gone in resolving her issues with her husband who always refused to meet me for counseling.

I know nothing about the WhatsApp conversations alleged to have been between me and Tracy and I am not hereby justified but he that judges me is the Lord.

Tracy knows that my hands are clean so does God and I forgive her husband for being used by people who are after destroying the congregation.

One of my daughters under my guardianship became emotional and stood against them and sustained injuries during the attack that left other members’ nursing injuries as well. She is a UZ student and was disturbed by the way the people came and failed to respect God by disrupting the service that was in progress.

Kana zvikanzi tatsamwa ngatizivei kuti pasi ndipo panevanhu asi kudenga uku kuna Mwari, Mapisa ngaarege kushandiswa zvakadaro.

On WhatsApp conversations, I want to believe the person who stole my mobile phone is the one who tampered with the messages and this could have led to linking with Tracy since her marriage had been shaky.

I am not good with regards to technology but I strongly believe someone did something abusing my contact number by sending love messages to Tracy.



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