Home Celebs Acie Lumumba rips into Fadzayi Mahere AGAIN !

Acie Lumumba rips into Fadzayi Mahere AGAIN !

Acie Lumumba rips into Fadzayi Mahere AGAIN !

The cold war between social media influencer Acie Lumumba and prominent lawyer Fadzayi Mahere came to a head on today when the latter sent the former to Twitter ‘blockville’.

In the past, the ‘frenemies’ have engaged in numerous social media duels in which Lumumba hurled all sorts of drivel against Mahere by calling her as a renowned man chaser.

However it all came to naught today when he realized Mahere had blocked him. In a case of sour grapes, Acie refused to go away quietly.

“Aikaka, ko I was blocked?? Zvautori kabenzi chaiko. Ndosaka uchi blokwa nevarume, haugone kutamba nevamwe mushe. Chirungu chako chakanaka but moyo wako Fadzi, moyo wako!” Lumumba tweeted.

Is the end of their epic Twitter war?

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