Acie Lumumba strikes again: Mthuli Ncube won’t fix the economy.

“I can’t say much for business reasons but let me categorically say this; there no economic solution to what is happening in Zimbabwe,”Mutumanje said. “No amount of money injection can solve this mess. There can only be a political solution. Rega timbomira ipapo.”

Acie LumumbaSelf-styled communications strategist William Mutumanje has suggested that economic policies being implemented and proposed by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube will not work because the problems affecting the country are political.

The former Ministry of Finance Communications taskforce Chairperson recently warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that if he does not fire his advisors they will get him fired.

Zimbabwe has an inflation rate of 73% according to the International Monetary Fund. Mutumanje said he was enjoying being out of politics because of business reasons but the situation has forced him to comment on politics.

“WTF are Mnangagwa’s advisors advising him? If ED does not start firing his advisors, his advisors are going to get him fired! We need to remove the criminals around the President. I was really enjoying my sabbatical.”

On Tuesday the RTGS$ breaks through the 1:5 level on the interbank market, weakening by a further 2.5% to trade at 5.0748 against the USD.

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