Acie Lumumba in another scandal again.

The people’s champion back at it again, this guy is never tired of drama and attention. So we all know Acie has a show called #TLF with Lumumba which is an online interview platform which she gets to interview Zimbabwe celebrities whilst driving his Range Rover. Well, he wanted to thank the people who had helped him and his show be successful as it is now. But as he tried to do that he provoked someone who is believed to be the owner of the show which Acie is now calling #TLF.


Acie Lumumba’s Show The #TLf is on Number One Trending and he decided to thank People Who Helped him but………… the Post Totally went Sideways. Apparently, Lumumba Stole The Idea From one Trevor Gupo. This was revealed when Lumumba tagged Trevor on his post thanking him for the idea and the brother decided to spill the beans. See the pictures below…PLEASE CLICK NEXT TO VIEW MORE PICTURES OT THE STORY…

1Acie Lumumba Strikes again