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A Third Of Nurses To Be Made Contract Workers

Striking Nurses Struck Off Payroll

The Ministry of Health and Child Care is designing a new structure for the nursing service that will result in a third of public sector nurses losing their permanent status.

The Ministry is looking at having around two-thirds of its nurses as permanent full-time staff.

The other third will be on fixed term contracts that can be renewed or the staff, when they meet the criteria, being moved to the permanent staff.

However, the criteria for one to attain permanent status has not yet been finalised. The Herald quotes its source as having said:

The nursing services will be restructured into three main pillars. The other pillar will constitute a third of the nursing staff and those ones will be employed as contract workers.

The contracts will be renewed periodically.

The nurses on strike and those who continue to defy directives will be relieved of their duties.

Those who wish to continue will have to re-apply and they will be admitted as contract workers.

The structure will be officially announced soon by the ministry and it is aimed at improving efficiency.

Nurses have been on strike a number of times this year demanding protective personal equipment (PPE) and a living wage.