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A Mothers Love – It’s Unmatched!

A Mothers Love - It's Unmatched!

This is the moment a mother found her mentally ill son at a railway station in Kenya. She said she had been searching for him for three weeks.

Onlookers were surprised when the man instantly recognized his mother and drank the water she offered him.

The mother was helped to remove the chains and then took him to the hospital for treatment.

A Mothers Love - It's Unmatched!


In other news, Soul Jah Love’s step-mother has finally broken the silence over ‘Ngwendeza’s’ death and how he was raised.


According to an interview done by Stewart Nyamayaro with Soul Jah Love’s step mother, Soul Jah Love was very spoiled.

Soul Jah Love Step Mom says 'Ngwendeza Was Spoiled'

The interview came as a shock as the latter was known to have been adopted by Changara, who has been by his shoulder ever since…read more