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A Button Stick for every Protesting Zimbabwean!

Police And Soldiers Beat Citizens For Allegedly Defying Lockdown

Today is the day that Hopewell and all the other activists said they will take to the streets. But with Hopewell Chin’ono behind bars, is the July 31st demo still on?

Social media believes it’s still on… But from the videos and pictures we keep seeing, the police are ready to beat up people. I mean that is the only response we know.

Videos of Police Officers beating up people without even asking them a single question are worrying in the capital city. This raises the question, is the solution to all protests in Zimbabwe, beating the protestors?

There is already heavy police and military presence in all the major cities and towns. Today is not the time to go window shopping in town or to go buy the 14-inch Brazilian weave. Of you are not part of the demo or protest, I urge you to stay at home. I fear you will get beaten for no reason. So it’s a Button Stick for every Zimbabwean who decides to protest. The government doesn’t seem to be stingy when it comes to that.

We wish you all the best Zimbabweans and please stay safe and away from that button stick today. Lots of Zimbabweans expect there to be a network blackout… Who are we to argue with that logic?

Stay Blessed.