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A 71-Year-Old Woman Poisons Water At A Funeral

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A 71-Year-Old Woman Poisons Water At A Funeral

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating an attempted murder case in which a 71-year-old woman in Plumtree, Matabeleland South, allegedly poisoned water at a funeral.

Police said mourners who consumed the water suffered stomach pain and were taken to hospital. Pindula News presents a police statement on the case.

Police in Madlambuzi are investigating a case of attempted murder that occurred at Luvuluma Village on 07/11/21 at 1730 hours. A 71-year-old woman is suspected to have laced a bucket of water with an unidentified substance at a funeral.

10 unsuspecting mourners drank the water which was in the kitchen and subsequently complained of stomach pain and painful throats.

The victims were referred to Plumtree District Hospital where they were treated and discharged.

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