At least 92 Zimbabwe National Army School of Armour officers on Friday graduated in Troop Second in Command, Crew Commander and APC driving and maintenance courses.


Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Brigadier-General Kasirai Tazira said the three courses were meant to equip students with necessary skills required in carrying out mandated duties and tasks in peace and in times of war.

“Your syllabi included cyber warfare, this subject is key in the military and you need to continue to embrace its understanding so that you remain abreast with the dictates of the modern battlefield,” he said.

“On the same note, wartime performance is a direct input of what is practiced on training and judging from what I have witnessed today; I am quite convinced that you have grasped the necessary concepts and skills of fast moving battles that are synonymous with mechanised forces.” Brig-Gen Tazira said it was refreshing to note that the graduands managed to put into practice the theoretical aspects of what they had been taught.

“That is the spirit which we need since a practical soldier is key to the achievements of better results, be it in peacetime or wartime,” said Brig-Gen Tazira.

“My challenge is for you to professionally share the knowledge that has been gained in order for your units to derive the benefits of subscribing you for courses.” Brig-Gen Tazira warned the graduands to desist from unethical deeds and said their behaviour on and off duty should be professional and exemplary.

“Your loyalty to the nation should never be questionable for it is the cornerstone of any successful army, be morally upright and always focus on your career,” said Brig-Gen Tazira.

“In this regard, you should not abuse the knowledge and skills that you have gained in order to advance your personal and selfish deeds.”



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