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$6 Million, Theft, and Black Market Forex Deals by Haunt Mwonzora

$6 Million, Theft, and Black Market Forex Deals by Haunt Mwonzora

MDC-T activist Patson Murimoga is urging party members to demonstrate against party leader Douglas Mwonzora to force him to account for over $6 million which he allegedly stole from party coffers before the party’s chaotic extraordinary congress that was held on 27 December 2020.

Murimoga told NewsDay that the demonstration would be held on Thursday at Parliament Building to petition the Senate to intervene on the matter.

He is demanding the arrest of Mwonzora for money-laundering and theft, alleging that the MDC-T leader connived with the party’s finance director, Toddy Mapingire, to loot the money which they then used to buy foreign currency from the black market.

Murimoga said he had already notified the police about the demonstration but was still awaiting clearance. He said:

I have no personal grudges with Mwonzora. For a very long time, he was my closest ally. But I am a pro-democracy campaigner. Democracy has no sides.

As the MDC-T party, we believe that we are a government-in-waiting. Therefore, if leadership fails to account for a paltry $6 million, what then of the other national treasures?

How then can the party be entrusted with national governance when it is failing to manage its own internal accounting systems?

Last week Murimoga wrote a letter to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) asking it to investigate why police had not yet arrested Mwonzora for the alleged theft of the $6 million.

However, Mwonzora’s spokesperson Lloyd Damba said his principal was unfazed by the “nonsensical sideshows”.

Damba warned that the anti-Mwonzora MDC-T leaders will be dealt with once for all after an ordinary congress is held.

Source | NewsDay

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