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$4m Pay Out For Outgoing MPs

$4m Pay Out For Outgoing MPs

$4m Pay Out For Outgoing MPs

Members of Parliament are set to get a $4million windfall in the next few days for their outstanding allowances.

$4m Pay Out For Outgoing MPs

Each MP is expected to pocket about $30 000. The money is over and above what the legislators have been getting in previous weeks as Treasury paid them allowances covering September last year up to March this year.

Parliament has submitted bids to Treasury covering the last five months, which should clear all the outstanding allowances for the Eighth Parliament.

Those expected to make rich pickings are MPs who consistently attended sittings and those with distant constituencies but used private accommodation like residential houses in Harare if Parliament could not book them into hotels.

In an interview yesterday, Clerk of Parliament, Mr Kennedy Chokuda confirmed the development saying they had gone a long way in clearing their indebtedness to MPs.

“We have already paid MPs up to March. Right now MPs are getting their outstanding allowances. In fact we have paid the bulk of what we owe them. What now remains is payment of the last five months that is from March to July. We expect the money to be released in the next few days because we have submitted bids,” said Mr Chokuda.

He could not however say how much in total they received or how much each MP got in the last batch and what an individual legislator would get for the remaining months.

“As we speak MPs are getting their allowances in respect of the previous period. The balance for March up to July we will pay them before the month comes to an end,” he said.

Over the past months, parliamentary business has been disrupted as legislators pressed to have their allowances paid. At one stage, a pre-budget seminar was delayed as MPs insisted that they wanted concrete time frames on when they would be paid. In another instance, Parliament had to prematurely adjourn after MPs refused to conduct business of the day demanding their outstanding allowances given that their term of office was coming to an end.

Most of them complained that they were subsiding Parliament by coming to work using their own resources.



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