The Director of Health Services reported that the year 2018 will go down as the one where the enrolment in the thirty (30) Council Schools reached the 40 000 mark with the total number of pupils being 40 130.

“Six (6) schools had enrolments exceeding 2 000 and these were:- Mahlathini – 2 298, Mkhithika Thebe – 2 298, Tategulu – 2 259, Mgoqo – 2 107, Dumezweni – 2 065, Senzangakhona – 2 004. These represent around 3 schools in one which was rather unmanageable given the existing infrastructure. Mgiqika also of 1 881 was one of the mega schools followed by Ngwalongwalo which was half complete in terms of classroom blocks,” reads latest council minutes.

“In the first term a total of $587 435.70 was paid as tuition and Council levies while the School Development Committees (SDCs) collected a total of $512 310 for school developments. It was pleasing to note that Government through beam had not forgotten to clean its obligations with $11 125 paid towards tuition fees and $6 954 having been paid for School Development Committee (SDC) levies.”

The minutes states that it was hoped that much more will be paid to clear the whole obligation standing at $228 120 tuition and Council levies as well as $214 485 School Development Committee (SDC) levies for beam learners.

“Generally Council was owed $2 386 716 for this and previous terms while School Development Committees (SDCs) were owed combined sum of $1 924 755 for their levies. Parents were implored to continue doing their best to meet their obligations. Schools on their part had registered swipe machines and ecocash platforms to help ease the challenges caused by cash shortages,” reads the minutes.