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309 000 arrested for violating lockdown measures

A TOTAL of 309 061 people have been arrested by the Zimbabwe Republic Police for violating Covid-19 regulations since the enforcement of Covid19 lockdown measures last year.

In a statement, Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Dr Jenfan Muswere said it was worrying that 9 993 people had been arrested for not wearing masks in a week.

“What is worrying is that within a week, 9 993 people were arrested for not wearing masks and this points to negligence by some members of the society who are not taking this virus seriously and this calls for behaviour change.

“While the virus might not kill offenders, it has a potential to affect the next person who is a loved one,” he added.

Hon Muswere went on to warn society against complacency over the pandemic, while imploring them to take all precautionary measures.

“Covid-19 education and awareness initiative is currently underway and the taskforce recommends sustained efforts in engaging key stakeholders such as traditional, political and religious leaders around the country to ensure that the Covid-19 message is cascaded down to the grassroots.

“We are all reminded that self-discipline and self-policing are pre-requisites during this lockdown period and beyond.

“Be your brother’s keeper and follow the basic protocols of the lockdown and other ancillary regulations in force.”

The country is currently under lockdown following a spike in Covid-19 cases.

“Regarding law and order, our security forces continue to enforce lockdown regulations by way of monitoring roadblocks across the country,” Minister Muswere said.