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3 arrested for raping teenage girlfriend


A KAMBUZUMA trio appeared in court on Thursday for allegedly raping their teenage girlfriend.

The three suspects, two minors and Nelson Gukwe, 25, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti.

The court heard that the juvenile who was raped is 13 years old and was in a relationship with Gukwe and the first accused who is 17 years old.

The third accused, who is 18 years old and is also reported to have raped the complainant, is a friend of his co-accused.

The court heard that on February 3, the complainant arrived home around 11pm and was advised by her sister that their father had seen her wearing her boyfriend’s jacket and fearing that she would be beaten by her dad, she ran away from home and went to the first accused’s place of residence.

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She reportedly spent the night there but did not engage in any sexual activity and the following day she woke up and took a bath and was served breakfast by the third accused and he left.

The statement alleges that later on the first accused got into the bedroom and raped her and the other two later came and raped her.

On February 5, the complainant’s parents who were looking for her arrived and took her home where she later confessed the rape incident to her mother.

Owen Safuri appeared for the state.

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