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28 points at A-Level . . . Another Rusununguko genius

28 points at A-Level . . . Another Rusununguko genius

Everyone has a story of dreams and nightmares, hope, love and loss, courage and fear, sacrifice and selfishness, to me passing with these flying colours was an achievement of dreams, and I feel humbled to be at position 3 nationwide after attaining 28 points in the recently published November 2017 A level results.

28 points at A-Level . . . Another Rusununguko genius

It all started long back as far as form three, when I decided to break the tradition of writing 3 subjects as this was going to limit my reasoning capacity in the world of masterminds, and also I wanted to increase my chances of getting a scholarship, regionally or internationally for my actuarial science studies which is my intended undergraduate program, and I’m looking forward to a number of scholarships .

At first I doubted whether I was going to make this a success as this needed a lot of commitment ,but fortunately things turned out in my favour and I feel it worth to explain how I came this far .

The journey was not easy as one would think but it took a lot of hard work, team work with my classmates, discipline and ingenuity and needless to mention that the school environment was always conducive for both reading and writing exams. I would like to thank my classmates, teachers, and my revered headmaster Mr Norman Gombera who consistently gave us words of wisdom and motivation on every parade (assembly) since I was in form one.

Before I get deep into my explanation, I would like to thank Mr Alban Maketo my Maths teacher for observing my potential when I was in form 1 and he paid a pivotal role towards my success, Mr Kakora and Mr Chokowore who taught me how balance leadership and school work as I was the school’s ‘ vice head-boy , Mr Mberengwa the boarding master who also gave us words of encouragement, I remember his daily slogan “PANE ZIYA PANE DOVI MACHINDA’’ and this helped us to keep focused throughout the day. I don’t forget my best friend Tafadzwa Mutanho who usually motivated me and she usually wrote some poems for that and also Rusununguko High as whole for modelling my character and personality and I feel ready to operate in this world.

In doing six subjects I had to draft a study plan ,which I named ‘SCHLIEFFEN PLAN , ROAD TO SUCCESS’ the base of that plan was grounded on the following issues: the first being I had to believe in myself that I can do it. Secondly there was need to be good in all the 6 subjects and the last thing was being able to connect all the subjects come examination time.

I had my personal motto which said “numerous small studies add up to a big achievements”. This meant that I took my journey step by step and not waiting to cover a lot of work within a small period of time, because I had to make sure that come exam time I should not be found wanting — this also helped to cover Economics well as I added it around of April last year.

Study groups and competition also helped me a lot, they helped me to capture concepts easily, increasing my understanding as I explained to my peers, and I would like to congratulate my study partners Charles Soda(23 points)and Tinotenda Taona(15 points) who was also my roommate and I say may the lord grant you the grace of a champion Wemudanga .

Let me take this opportunity to say the following words to all learners — as a learner you need to recognise that once you are in your element, nobody will stop you .

They’ll try to tell you that you’re not good enough. They’ll try to turn you into something that is not good enough, because of simply being something you’re not wired to be. Don’t let them. You need to follow your goals and knock down anyone in your path that tries to superimpose their dominance over you, this means that one teacher who constantly make remarks about how nobody will pass in the class ,you will pass and get through it.

Don’t give up and let that scumbag be right .don’t look down upon yourself. Let me give you an example of a lion. The lion is not the biggest, or fastest animal. It is not the cleverest animal in the jungle but it is the king of the jungle. Continue excelling very high in your studies, and make Zimbabwe a better nation. The sky is the limit .

I also want to thank my parents Amos and Judith Mbiza from the bottom of my heart. Mom and Dad you’ve gone through a lot of struggle and pain, but I promise I won’t let all go in vain.

I will go up ,to be the best I can be, success is in my stride because I have parents like you on my side.

I also want to thank God for the presence of the following people in my life you motivate me, Bamukuru Ronnie Mbiza, all my Aunt’s, my sister Martha Chikowore my Bothers Amos(jnr) and prince Mbiza My pastors in ZAOGA FIF, Nyasha Gurure, Rev Anesu Mfue Maengahama, Geraldine chita(RHS), Ramel(RHS), Tadiwa(RHS) the list is endless .

My Article won’t be complete if I don’t acknowledge my Father at RHS, my former Deputy Head, Mr Charles Gwenda, you are one of the most generous person I know. Takudzwa Mudzimurema, Emmanuel Shereni, Anorld kadzunge, Kuzivakwashe Vito, you have no idea of how you all helped me. Thanks buddies for the great time and great memories .

Above all I want to thank the lord, the Almighty for making this a success.

Wibert had 12 As, 1B at O-Level and did his primary school at Eastridge Primary where he amassed 6 units.

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