22 Year Old Student Auctions Self Due To Harsh Economy

Brazilian Student Danielle Breene is auctioning her virginity online to the highest bidder in order to pay her debts and buy a house for her mother and younger sister.

22 Year Old Student Auctions Self Due To Harsh Economy

The 22-year-old student has revealed she is hoping to make £750K from selling her virginity online to the highest bidder despite being ‘very shy’, and never having been on a date.

Danielle was inspired to take extreme measures to tackle her growing debts after reading about other girls who have done the same.

Although completely confident she’s making the right decision, Danielle – who is concealing her face to protect her family – told Femail: ‘I’m a little anxious, and I’m nervous about how things are going to be, after all, it’s my first time.

‘I’ve never dated and I’m very shy. I hope the winner be a kind and polite person, a gentleman.’

Danielle hasn’t told her family what she’s doing and is obscuring her face to protect them. Only her best friend knows about the auction, and will be her point of contact on the day to make sure she’s safe

Danielle revealed her main motivation behind the drastic step is financial security.

‘I study and work part time. The money that I make doesn’t cover the expenses and the cost of living in my country is very difficult. I have debts that only grow,’ she explained.

‘I will use the money to buy a home to live with my mom and my little sister, pay our debts and also pay my student loans that I would probably take a lot of years to pay.

‘I also want to invest in my career building my own business, to secure my future. I hope with this I’ll be able to provide a life without financial difficulties for my family.’

The student has never dated and describes herself as ‘very shy’ but is confident that auctioning her virginity online to the highest bidder is the right decision for her.

The student has never dated and describes herself as ‘very shy’ but is confident that auctioning her virginity online to the highest bidder is the right decision for her.

Since setting up her website in June, Danielle has received two serious bids, the highest being for £220,000.

She’s hoping to attract an offer of £750 000, and says she won’t agree to anything unless she feels assured of her safety.

‘The auction is something I’ve been thinking about for several months, I’ve done a lot of research and I’m taking everything very carefully.

‘I expect to reach £750,000. It would be the best thing that could happen to me. Let’s see how it flows.

‘For the day of the meeting, I’m going to have a bodyguard. Security is very important to me, and I’m taking all the necessary precautions for this.

Danielle intends to hire security on the day she meets the winning bidder to have sex for the first time and insists that staying safe is her top priority.

“I also have my trustworthy person, and I will periodically report that I am well, where I am and with whom I am.

‘Being secure is a worry, so I put rules on the site that favour my security, and the bidder’s as well. Nothing will happen until everything is in order.’

Danielle’s family don’t know about the auction, but she has confided in her best friend.

‘She was a little nervous when I told her because she cares about my safety,’ she said.

‘I have explained to her all the precautions I will take to make everything happen safely and to I won’t be duped. She gives me support when I need to talk about it. She is my trustworthy person.’

Danielle says she has no qualms about negative comments about her decision and says that people’s opinions aren’t going to pay her bills.

One thing Danielle isn’t concerned about is the potential impact on future relationships.

‘I do not have to tell anyway, I can either make up a story or just tell the truth, and if he does not like it, he’s just not the guy for me,’ she explained.

‘I also do not care what people are going to say. The only thing I care about is my family reaction.

‘The mean comments I receive are not going to pay my bills and solve my problems. I don’t regret this decision and I’m fine with it.’


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