Home LOCAL NEWS 20A’s at ‘O’ Level – Whizkid shares secret

20A’s at ‘O’ Level – Whizkid shares secret

20A's at 'O' Level - Whizkid shares secret

20A’s at ‘O’ Level – Whizkid shares secret

Some are born great, others achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them. This old adage never gets tired.

For Tadiwanashe Mavetera who attained 20 As at O-Level, it was “through hard work and God’s grace” that he achieved greatness.

The Ruya Adventist High School whiz kid, Tadiwanashe Mavetera says he is overwhelmed with the 20As.

He might not be the only one in the country to come out with such impressive passes, but he believes in hard work.

Several results have been posted on social media with many pupils showing similar high scores.

“I was at Ruya Adventist High School in Mt Darwin from form 1 to form 4.

“Truth be told the 20As have me absolutely overwhelmed; words cannot begin to express the extent of my happiness.

“To achieve the 20As, I had to work hard and go against the odds.

“I faced discouragement from a lot of people including some teachers, fellow peers and friends. That was a challenge but regardless of this I still wanted to oppose this opposition.

“I had faith that God would not disappoint me so long as I put the necessary effort and my parents supported me all the way and my family members rooted me on.

“I had friends like Biggy Chikambwe, Takunda Muchenge and more,” he said.

Tadiwanashe said he kept studying and praying during the lockdown.

“I didn’t waste time or give in to lethargy but I utilised my time, created a strict time table that I had to adhere to.

“I would start at 10 am after my chores and at times I would stretch until midnight.

“I couldn’t go for extra lessons during the lockdown because of the financial stress Covid brought, so instead I had to teach myself several subjects like additional mathematics, business enterprise skills, commerce among others.

“I had teachers who were very supportive and assisted me whenever I needed help they would take time out of their busy schedules to help me out.

“When I was at school the likes of Ms Ncube helped me with Sociology, Mr Marume helped me with Building Studies and Mrs Bhodheni helped me with Family and Religious Studies.

“I would follow the syllabus and look for learning material on the internet and my school was very supportive since they helped to provide a very conducive environment to study for the exams when I was at school,” he said.

“I can’t say I was born great, but I believe that I was blessed because the first prayer my parents taught me, they said “Mwari ndokumbirawo njere” I believe the source was God who answered my prayer as well as the effort that I put in as well because of hard work plus divine intervention which equalled my success.

“Intellect is both part of our family and also a fight for success and in as much as I have many combinations at my disposal, I have a specific route to take because I want to study nuclear and quantum physics then start a business related to quantum technology.

“During the Covid-19 era I managed to concentrate through sheer determination that we were writing that year so I kept focusing on my studies and I had to cut off some luxuries and kept them at a minimum during lockdown in order to capitalise my study time,” said Tadiwanashe.

His academic brilliance dates back to grade one.

“Since grade 1 my academic scores have been high. I was number 1 from grade 1 to grade 5 this all happened when I was still learning in South Africa at Hamilton Primary school.

“I transferred to Zimbabwe in Grade 6 and during that time I faced challenges due to Shona and General paper which was very different from what I did in South Africa.

“But I managed to get 4 units and I got a lot of support from Ralph Junior school.

“After that I went to Ruya Adventist High school and since form 1, every single term I was always the overall best student.

“In my stream I was always the highest in more than 5 subjects at high school during prize giving days.

“My parents constantly supported me and my little brother kept telling me that I would get 20As.

“Chaplin Pastor Utete helped me a lot, counselled and prayed for me.

“Exams were not a walk over, they fully tested our ability and that truly was challenging,” added Tadiwanashe.

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