“2023 elections are done and dusted, There’s a clear winner”

Orbet Gutu

“2023 elections are done and dusted, There’s a clear winner”

FORMER MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu says he believes the results of the 2023 elections are already clear, as one particular party will have a landslide victory.

Orbet Gutu

“According to my humble prognosis, 2023 is already done and dusted. There’s NO contest, actually. Ask me later,” Gutu said, implying that Zanu-PF will have a crushing victory.

Gutu has apparently written off the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC as it continues to lose rural by-elections by increasingly shocking margins, while Zanu-PF is closing the gap in urban wards.

He proceeded to warn the MDC that its house was on fire and needed a mend, but worried that the hardcore Chamisa supporters were in denial about the true state of the opposition movement.

Said Gutu: “Denial mode is some form of psychosis. When your house is crumbling and/or burning, you don’t ululate and declare that you’re the BEST thing to happen on mother Earth! Instead, you should promptly save your house from crumbling and stop the raging fire!”

Last week, Chamisa expressed frustration with the voting process, warning that his party might boycott the 2023 elections if “the issues about the 2018 elections are not resolved.”

Observers say the Nelson Chamisa-led outfit has no clear structures in rural areas, where 71 percent of the voting population resides, according to World Bank data.

Chamisa has recently been holding rallies across the country, but strategically avoided going into deep rural areas amid speculations he fears the turnout would expose his lack of popularity in Zanu-PF strongholds.

In the past weeks, Chamisa has had rallies in Mutare urban, Gwanda urban, as well as met party structures in Masvingo urban, Gweru urban and Bulawayo urban.

Speaking Friday to hundreds of party supporters at Mucheke Hall in Masvingo where the party was celebrating two years since the death of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Chamisa suggested his party may boycott the 2023 elections.

“Zanu PF should accept they rigged the 2018 harmonized elections. If they do accept that, we might not take part in the 2023 elections until the 2018 elections dispute is resolved,” he said.

He also ruled out any prospects of dialogue between his party and Zanu PF, and instead, called for unity among Zimbabweans to fight the Mnangagwa administration.

“We need hope in this country, Mnangagwa has no hope in the direction the country is taking. Tsvangirai left a legacy of love, he was a unifier and before he died, he told me to incorporate the likes of Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube back into the party for it to succeed.

“We will ensure we lead the people properly until we deliver real independence to the people. That is what I was taught by Tsvangirai,” he said.

Chamisa told his supporters that he was anointed by Tsvangirai to lead the party and he carries the vision of the party and expects the entire MDC leadership to be disciplined in following the vision of the party.


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