Home LOCAL NEWS 19 kids later, Mliswa says he is now ready for marriage

19 kids later, Mliswa says he is now ready for marriage

19 kids later, Mliswa says he is now ready for marriage

19 kids later, Mliswa says he is now ready for marriage

Prolific father and legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa, has declared that he is now ready marriage, having reached the age of 50. Mliswa, who is a father of 19 children with different women, insisted that he never got married because he respects the institution of marriage.

According to the firebrand legislator, he did not get married in the past, because he did not want to violate the sanctity of the institution by cheating. He went on to say, he knew that he was not in the right frame of mind for marriage earlier because he had a wandering eye.

However, now that he has fathered 19 children and reached the age of 50, Mliswa now feels ready for marriage. Opening up on his personal life on social media, Mliswa wrote

“To celebrate this special day I’m spending it with some of my kids. I have 19 and these are some of them. Here at the statue of David Livingstone, born 1813 came to Zim as a missionary but was a medical doctor. Kids must know their history.

I always take time with my kids& people should understand that it’s my choice to have so many& also not to be married. I respect the institution of marriage& would like to get into it in the right frame of mind so that I don’t cheat as many are doing. Now at 50, I think I’m ready.”

Mliswa has never been shy about opening up on his private life. Just this weekend, he declared that he only dates M1s, M2s, M3s, the colloquial terms for single mothers. This was after he was accused of impregnating a 24-year-old varsity student. Said Mliswa,

“I don’t even date anyone that young. I only deal with& prefer those between 35-40 years. Even more, I prefer M1, M2 and so on. Unless it was someone with a face mask that wouldn’t be me. The girl is outside my preferred modus operandi.

As a father, I have my own set principles and they dictate that I don’t date anyone the age of my own daughters. I’m a father of 19 with only 6 boys and the rest are girls. My dignity requires that I date mature adult women, not young girls.

I wouldn’t be averse to having a 20th child& if she wants me to assist by adopting the baby she can bring it. I once had a public HIV test after another lie of me infecting another young girl& the story, like this one, was hogwash.”

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