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18 bribe guards to escape Mkoba quarantine

18 bribe guards to escape Mkoba quarantine

EIGHTEEN Quarantined have escaped from Mkoo teachers college either by scaling a 2-metre high razor-wired wall or bribing security guards manning the gates a government minister has revealed.

Information ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana says the escapees include a mum with a small baby.

“18 returnees are missing at Mkoba Teachers College Quarantine Centre in Gweru. These are 15 men, 3 women and a small baby. There is a 2m wall and razor wire? Bribed Gate Security?” Mangwana said.

The top government officials said Zimbabweans escaping compulsory quarantine were unnecessarily putting their community in danger of contracting the deadly disease.

He also discouraged families against harbouring relatives who would have skipped quarantine facilities.

“Harbouring a quarantine centre absconder or border jumper can harm you or your family,” Mangwana said.

Gweru Urban Legislator Brian Dube told NewZimbabwe.com earlier this month that security and diet at Gweru Polytechnic and Mkoba Teachers College quarantine centres were far from being satisfactory.

“The infrastructure is decent at Gweru Polytechnic and Mkoba Teachers College.

“Challenges pertaining to the quarantine facilities are the quality of food being served and also compromised security.

“The security is compromised and there are fears that some might have already escaped and this invariably exposes our communities in a very big way,” Dube said at the time.

Zimbabwe has recorded 132 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 76 being confirmed in a single day.

The cases were linked to Zimbabweans returning from South Africa.

-New Zimbabwe

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