17-year-old Zim model Hillary Makaya strikes again.

Forget the Vimbai Zimutos and the Keisha Bianca Mafas, this lady right here is the real deal and all l need you to do is watch the space. She is coming for everything. The model who has established herself in the neighbouring country, South Africa, is reaching new heights thanks to her career as a model.

Hillary Makaya“I think this is my year. I was shocked at the same time excited that I am again going to represent the country in Panama. I am honoured for this privilege. This is my second best pageant and I believe I will bring the crown home. Posh will be dressing me for the finale,” she said. The lanky model is set to leave for Panama on December 7 ahead of the boot camp.

Hillary Makaya“I will start putting some action into my projects on November 19. Now I am busy writing my advanced level examinations. I would like to start my foundation, ‘The Hillary Makaya Foundation’, whose focus would be helping the children of Zimbabwe.

Hillary MakayaWe have set plans in place that will see the foundation help shape the lives of the underprivileged children. This is an open window for me to inspire, import and be a role model of the children in my country,” she said. Asked, how she will market Zimbabwe in Panama, Makaya said she will use the same modus operandi.

Hillary Makaya ZIMETRO“Remember, I am not new to this, I will use the same concept I did in Sri Lanka, and it’s just that different country though. I will focus on promoting our tourist destinations and tell them about our beautiful culture. I will make sure I had visited some of the important destinations and understand them better before I leave. I am glad I have support from family and will continue with my grooming classes,” she said. Last year award winner model Hilda Mabu made the nation proud when she made it in the top 15 at Miss Intercontinental World.