Home LOCAL NEWS 16-year-old sneaks into stepsister’s blankets

16-year-old sneaks into stepsister’s blankets

16-year-old sneaks into stepsister’s blankets

AN 11-YEAR-OLD teenager got shocked when she woke up to find her 16-year-old stepbrother in her blankets naked making sexual moves on her.

A family member who spoke to B-Metro on condition of anonymity said the girl was asleep alone in her bedroom when her stepbrother tip-toed into her bedroom at around 1am last Friday.

The relative said: “She was awoken by a heavy weight of her naked brother who was caressing her while making sexual moves on her. She screamed for help and her naked brother tried to flee but her twin brother intercepted him.”

The relative went on to say they led him to the living room and tied him with a rope.

“He tried to flee but they caught up with him and pinned him on the ground. They tied him with a rope while the mother of the victim and a cousin rushed to a police station where they made a police report leading to his arrest,” said a relative.

The minor was referred to a hospital where she was treated.

In another related incident Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said a woman in Nkulumane suburb was attacked with an unspecified weapon before she was raped at around 8pm last week on Thursday while she was heading home.

Inspector Ncube expressed worry at the rising cases of rape in Bulawayo.

“Parents and guardians should take keen interest in the protection of their children during daytime and evening. Parents should teach their children to report any one who touches them or does some strange things on them.

It is worrying that rape cases are on the rise in Bulawayo, as such I would like to urge parents and police to join hands and come up with strategies on how to fight the rape scourge,” he said.