15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made


15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are some things that are objectively ugly, that not even 50 bottles of beer can beautify.

This little concept holds true even in the world of cars. Over the years, the roads have seen some cars that only the designers alone could call pretty. In honour of all those monsters, this is Top Car Magazine’s 15 ugliest cars ever created.

115. 2004 Covini C6W

15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

The Covini C6W opens the list with its 6-wheeled monstrosity. The car had a decent 400 horsepower and the extra wheels were meant for balance and to give it better braking. The makers were simply trying to achieve functionality but the result was not so appealing to the eye. The other car that follows this pattern is No.1. You won’t believe the insane idea behind it!



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