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12 000 Kombi’s And Unregistered Vehicles Impounded Countrywide


ZRP has revealed that it has impounded 11917 kombies and unregistered vehicles countrywide as the police targets vehicles displaying temporary plates or not displaying number plates.

This came after ZRP urged motorists to go and get permanent plates from Central Vehicle Registration and announced that it will be impounding all cars not displaying permanent plates.

According to the publication:

The crackdown on unregistered vehicles comes in the wake of a spate of armed robberies countrywide as criminals are using such vehicles to try and evade arrest since the unmarked vehicles cannot be easily identified.

Others are suspected to have been involved in hit-and-run accidents.

ZRP National Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi repeated his calls to motorists to get permanent number plates and said:

We would want to reiterate that any vehicle seen on the road without displaying number plates will be impounded by police at roadblocks and check points. The motoring public was ignoring the law or was being reluctant to register their vehicles.

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