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10 Must Try Zimbabwean Dishes

10 Must Try Zimbabwean Dishes

Tourism in Zimbabwe is a flourishing industry with a great multitude of people coming down to the country to witness its natural beauty, each year. It is home to some of the most beautiful national parks and natural landscapes that intrigue the tourists.

However, less is known about its traditional cuisine which is as vibrant as the country itself. Similar to the Maori dishes of New Zealand, the local cuisine of Zimabwe is adventurous and very different from the major world cuisines. Have a look at our list of 10 foods from Zimbabwe, which includes the best delicacies that the country has to offer.

Sadza is the most common food in Zimbabwean households and the dish is unknown to none. The primary ingredient is cornmeal which is either taken alone or is often mixed with some stew or gravy. In some preparations, you may also find traces of peanut butter or margarine.

Mopane Worms

Mopane Worms are quite famous among the locals of the country but might seem like an adventurous dish to the outsiders. They’re either served as simply fried, or can be cooked as a stew. The worms are high in protein than some of leaner meats like beef and are also consumed in some other parts of Africa like Nigeria.

Muriwo Unedovi
This dish is prepared by cooking collard greens with peanut sauce. Any sort of green leaves can be used for preparing Muriwo Unedovi, like spinach or pumpkin leaves. It is often combined with Sadza or boiled rice and is an extremely pocket-friendly meal.

Maheu is among the most common drinks in Zimbabwe. In the local households, the leftover Sadza is used for this purpose, but it can be made afresh by using pearl millet ie mhunga . It is found in the markets at a cheap price and provides one with enough energy to last the entire day.

Mupunga Unedovi

Mupunga is another dish in which peanut butter is a prominent ingredient. It is a basic combination of rice along with peanut butter and is served with some gravy or meat curry.

Mabhonzo emombe
Mabhonzo emombe is one of the most mouth-watering dishes in the Zimbabwean cuisine. It is essentially a stew with beef bones as its basic ingredient and is often cooked with beans or vegetable leaves. To get the best taste, it is taken along with Sadza.

Kapenta is another dish which might be tough for outsiders to consume and may seem as a daunting task to many. It is made from the little sardine Kapenta fish from the Zambezi river. A common food on any Zim street, it can be taken with sadza or sauce.

Muriwo Ne Nyama
Muriwo Na Nyama is a popular dish which is also a “comfort food” for the locals. It is a stew made out of beef and green leaves. It called as ‘highfields stew’, a name that it gets from the suburb where it is highly consumed.

Traditional Chicken Stew
This dish is among the popular stews in Zimbabwe and is full of flavours. Many spices of different variety are used along with a tomato sauce, in which chicken is cooked to give its nice flavour. It is mostly eaten along with rice.

The last entry on this list is Muboora which is a soup preparation of pumpkin leaves. Meat and pumpkin leaves are cooked together in a curry, which is eaten along with Sadza. To add to the taste, some fresh cream or peanut butter is also used.

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