Two suspected armed robbers, who are alleged to be part of the gang which stole $1.8m cash after ransacking PHI Commodities Private Limited offices in Aspindale last week, have appeared in court.


Wilson Manyara, 30, and Joseph Ndigo, 38, were not asked to plead to charges of armed robbery when they appeared before Harare magistrate Tilda Mazhande

The matter was remanded to April 24 and they were advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecuting, Linda Gadzikwa alleges that on April 2 at around 1am, the pair along with nine other accomplices who are on the run, hatched a plan to rob PHI Commodities located at No. 17 Foundry Road in Aspindale.

They reportedly armed themselves with pistols, metal bars and explosives.

It is alleged that they drove to the scene and parked outside before scaling over the precast wall and made their way into the premises.

They approached two security guards who were manning the entrance and were in the guard room.

It is allegedly that they assaulted the two security guards with metal bars before they handcuffed them.

Two of the accused persons remained behind while others went to forcibly open the complex.

It was reported that they ransacked the offices and took seven laptops.

It is also alleged that they used explosives to open another room where they found boxes containing $2 and $5 bond note denominations.

They reportedly phoned their accomplices who drove a car to the entrance of the complex and they loaded $1 799 960 into their car.

They drove away and shared the loot amongst themselves.

On April 8 information was received to the effect that Josi and Dzingirai were involved in the robbery.

Investigations were done leading to their arrest.



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